Welcome Home

Julia and a pal in the kitchen of our New York loft

A brief interview with the Domestic Daddy.

I’m a real daddy now.  My partner and I have a little girl, Julia, who was born in August of 2008.  And I spend a lot of time focusing on home.  I’ve always had a strong domestic streak, even for a gay guy.   But I’ve also had serious day jobs – I’m a corporate lawyer by trade, and, most recently I was the General Counsel of a public company.

During Julia’s first month, I think we had 12 dinner parties, and since then we’ve kept up a pretty good pace for dinners and weekend guests.  Somehow, with a new baby in the house, it feels right to gather people together at home.

I’ve learned a lot too.  Yes, I’ve picked up lots of skills and, I think, some great ideas, but most importantly, I’m learning how to better incorporate my ambitions for domestic fabulousness into everyday life.  It isn’t just a weekend performance anymore, it’s a daily reality, and that’s changed the way I do things.  Now, added to the demands of work, a relationship, health, friends, family, hobbies and intellectual pursuits are the joys and demands of a toddler, and, for me, that really snapped things into focus. I’ve had to get really organized and let go of my perfectionism and taste for the elaborate and make a serious attempt at balance.

I’ve learned to keep my projects simpler, faster, easier, more fun.  And I’ve learned to enjoy the process of making things almost as much as the finished product itself.  Whether you’re a daddy or not, I hope I can help you do the same.

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