City Picnic

July 13, 2015 · 2 comments

This post is sponsored by Noble Vines Wine. There are things I don’t like about picnics: insects, damp ground, heat, paper plates, and the need to pack up and lug all that food and wine to a remote location –where there probably will be many of the other things I don’t like about picnics. But […]


It’s hot and sticky in the City already, so it’s time to think about refreshing drinks.  Here’s a list of favorites I’ve collected from the site for the long hot summer ahead.  Do you have any favorites to share? The Watercooler The flavors of watermelon and fresh lime (with just a little hit of jalapeño) […]

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here!  (That snuck up on me.)  It’s time to finish (or start and finish) the Spring cleaning, clean the barbecue, and dig out the swimsuits.  And, of course, stock your bar for the warmer months ahead. I enjoy a full bar, but if I had to choose just three bottles […]

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Cilantro Gimlet

April 26, 2015 · 0 comments

It’s finally, haltingly warm(er) and sunny(er) in New York.  And we’re celebrating spring with a fresh, green cocktail that’s one of my favorites.  Here’s the recipe, photographed at my friend (and Julia’s godmother) Marta’s lovely place in San Francisco. And I was on cocktail duty.  It has been warm in San Francisco, and so I […]


The Bobbie Burns

March 3, 2015 · 1 comment

The “wintry mix” of snow and rain is falling hard outside my window, so it’s time for another kind of wintry mix –a Scotch-based cocktail called the Bobbie Burns.  Scotch whiskey has a following of purists who prefer to drink it “neat,” or maybe with a single cube of ice or a splash of water. […]

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It was genuinely cold outside in New York today, and the Holidays are just around the corner. Time for whiskey drinks. Here is a video about three delicious cocktails you can make all winter with just three key ingredients –rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters.  (Recipes below.)  Cheers! Recipes Old Fashioned 1 sugar cube […]

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It’s hot out there, and I don’t think there’s anything more refreshing than an ice cold glass of Sangria –at least in the cocktail department.  Here’s a video about two light, somewhat unconventional Sangrias that use white wine and rose in place of the traditional red, and ripe summer fruit instead of oranges. Salud! Recipes […]


It’s finally summer!  And in New York at least, it seems like it’s going to be a hot one. Here’s a twist on a popular Mexican drink that’s a refreshing alternative to the Margarita — the Paloma.  In Mexico, this drink is usually made with just a local brand of grapefruit soda and tequila.  It’s […]


Recently I sat down with a friend (and her video camera) to talk a little about Domestic Daddy and (yikes) myself.  Hope you enjoy it.


Blood Orange Margarita

February 13, 2014 · 2 comments

There was a great pile of blood oranges in the Chelsea Market last week, and I bought as many as I could carry home.  Then I set them out in bowls in the kitchen and dining room to help counter the gloom of this relentlessly cold February with their sunny red-orange color.  Blood oranges don’t […]