Jam-Filled Heart Cookies

February 1, 2015 · 2 comments

David can’t stop eating these cookies.  Julia either.  Both of them like sweets, but they also have remarkable self restraint about eating them.  But not these.  David says they taste like the pop tarts of his dreams.  Instead of pastry, though, the jam filling is surrounded by a tender buttery cookie.  Simple and delicious.  And […]


I’ve always admired mid-century starburst wall sculptures.  Made of brass or occasionally gilded metal, they seem to provide a burst of warmth, energy and optimism wherever they appear.  Last week I made a constellation of Holiday decorations inspired by these classics, but out of much humbler materials –brown wrapping paper, hot glue and spray paint. […]


We’re about to start our annual Holiday cookie baking project –60 or 70 dozen cookies that we’ll share with family and friends all over the country– and I’m looking at this post from 2012 and another from 2010 for inspiration.  Each year we add and drop a recipe or two.  Maybe a chocolate fudge this […]


I’m still close enough to the diaper years to think that any flight where I don’t have to change a diaper is a good flight.  Here are a few tips for making air travel with little ones as efficient and pleasant as possible.  Bon voyage!  


I don’t know where she got the idea, but a couple of weeks ago, Julia told me that she wanted to make a “spooky gingerbread house” for Halloween –and that we should use peanut butter cups for flowerpots on the front steps.  How could I resist?


Julia’s birthday is approaching, and I’ve started to think about an activity that would be fun for her party guests.  Six year-olds have probably outgrown these conical hats that were a hit four years ago, but maybe they could decorate some more grown-up headgear –berets, baseball caps, or boaters?  Seems like that could could be […]


San Francisco now has many neighborhood farmers markets, but the Saturday market outside San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building is still, I think, the biggest of them all. (Besides being an operating ferry terminal, the Ferry Building itself is also a sort of fine food mall –in a very good way. It contains dozens of shops […]


Easter (Bunny) Bread

April 17, 2014 · 2 comments

“I didn’t know the Easter Bunny baked!”  That was the first thing four year-old Julia said last Easter morning.  The night before, this particular Easter Bunny had baked one of her favorite treats –a tender, gently sweet breakfast bread– into the shape of her name and set it out with her Easter basket. I think […]


Recently I sat down with a friend (and her video camera) to talk a little about Domestic Daddy and (yikes) myself.  Hope you enjoy it.


Brownie Love

January 29, 2014 · 4 comments

Julia’s got her first calendar, she’s marked February 14th with a big heart, and she’s started wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.  She may be jumping the gun, but it isn’t too early to start planning Valentine’s Day treats for the ones we love.  This is one of Julia’s favorites. One of the many unexpected […]