Beach Babies

June 29, 2015 · 1 comment

David is the best at choosing baby gifts.  Recently we needed gifts for two new babies in our lives, and David, Julia and I went shopping for them one Sunday afternoon in the village of Southampton.  I saw several things I liked, but none of them quite met David’s standards for thoughtfulness, practicality and style. […]

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I hear that men are difficult to buy for, so here are a few suggestions.   Big or small, luxe or basic, the most important thing is to keep it personal.  And a little romantic. Frederic Malle Bois D’Orage.  Called “French Lover” outside of the U.S., this thoroughly masculine fragrance is bold enough to draw […]


The Dining Car

September 24, 2014 · 4 comments

We eat in the car.  Sometimes.  When we drive to Southampton on Friday evenings, we usually pick up something to go and eat on the road.  Which can get messy, usually for David and me.  (Julia’s a pretty tidy eater.) After years of hoarding stacks of give-away paper napkins, forgetting straws and digging in the […]


Recently I sat down with a friend (and her video camera) to talk a little about Domestic Daddy and (yikes) myself.  Hope you enjoy it.


After what seemed like weeks of fair weather in New York, the skies were dark on Halloween, and it threatened to pour.  Fortunately, the weather held long enough for the City’s trick-or-treaters to show off their costumes and collect their loot.  Julia was a ghost this year, and had a ball scaring the residents of […]


Someday I’d love to have a great florist (and we know a brilliant one –Zeze Flowers in New York) deliver fresh flowers to the house every week.  I’d come home on, say, Tuesdays to see what beautiful seasonal creation they’d left on the dining table (and, while I’m fantasizing, in our bedrooms too).  In reality, […]


We’re on vacation this week in Brasil, and I never appreciate this great piece of gear more than when I’m on the road.  We’ll be away from an internet connection for a couple of days, but when we return to Rio, I’ll update you on some of our experiences in this beautiful country. Originally posted […]


Little Evergreens

November 29, 2010 · 4 comments

“Lil’ trees!” is what Julia said when she saw these on the kitchen counter.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but I’ve always loved the sight and scent of evergreens, and I’m eager to bring them indoors in the wintertime. I bought these lil trees in the plant and flower district […]


I feel like I’ve just finished the Toddler Challenge on Project Runway for Dummies, but Julia’s Halloween costume is finally finished.  I hope she’ll actually wear it. Julia’s love for fish this year has bordered on obsession.  “Fish!” was one of her first words, and she spent the first half of summer diligently searching for […]


The boxes arrived yesterday.  Last week my college roommate John and I spent a few days in Palm Springs –an annual tradition going back more than 10 years now.  Our agenda isn’t ambitions (lounge by the pool, cocktails, dinner, sleep, repeat), but I usually also manage to rouse myself to do a little shopping. Besides […]